As a director and curator of artvideoKOELN, CologneOFF and The New Museum of Networked Art, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was collaborating with ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival 10 times and additionally 3 times as an artist, so that in the sum of years 2006-2018 13 collaboration within 14 years can be counted. Since ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival will not take place as usual in May due to the Corona crisis and in May the next collaboration with ADAF was scheduled – NewMediaFest2020 would like to open a virtual version of the museum’s darkroom by presenting the screening programs of the previous collaborations between 2006 and 2018, and honoring the long and trustful networking

Interventions 2006-2020
Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens – 20th ADAF – 16/26 May 2024
NewMediaFest 2020 – 16th ADAF – 15 July – 5 August 2020
WOW.18 – Eirini Olympiou – ADAF videoart curator
14th ADAF – Athens Digital Art Festival – 24-27 May 2018
11th Athens Digital Arts Festival 21-24 May 2015
10th Athens International Videoart Festival 3-5 October 2014
9th Athens International Videoart Festival – 7-9 June 2013
CologneOFF 2012 Greece I@ 8th ADAF – 5-8 May 2012
CologneOFF 2011 Greece I @ 7th ADAF – 20-22 May 2011
CologneOFF 2011 – video program curated by ADAF
6th ADAF – 7-9 May 2010 – CologneOFF V
The Best of CologneOFF – 5th ADAF 2009 – 11-13 April 2008
4th ADAF Festival 2008 (Greece) 11-12-13 April 2008
3rd ADAF 2007 – 27, 28, 29 April 2007 // 2nd ADAF 2006 07/04-09/04 2006

ADAF - Athens Digital Arts Festival - profile

(image up) Athens Digital Arts Festival 2008 @ Technopolis – City of Athens

Athens Digital Arts Festival

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an annual International Festival that takes place every May in Athens with the aim to bring together the digital arts community with a broader audience. The festival was established in 2005, under the title Athens Video Art Festival, as an initiative of the non-profit organization Multitrab Productions. Athens Video Art Festival was founded in 2005 with the intention to offer a platform to video art, installations and live performances. Within the following 10 years, the Festival gradually evolved and included more art forms, such as web art, interactive installations, animation, digital image, performances, applications and workshops, exploring creative aspects of technology and digital culture. In 2012, the Festival introduced the subtitle “International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media” in order to communicate the wide spectrum of its activities and events. As of January 2015, the Festival changed its name into Athens Digital Arts Festival.

2.performance_Athens Video Art Festival 2007

3.Athens Video Art Festival 2009

Short History

The first edition of Athens Digital Arts Festival took place in April 2005 at the cultural space Thira Technis, in Athens. Although it was newly introduced, the festival received 180 artworks submissions and hosted 137 of them with the aim of supporting innovative artistic expression.

From 2007 to 2011, the main venue of the festival was the cultural space “Technopolis” of the Municipality of Athens where 1,544 artworks from local and international artists were hosted. Through these years the festival presented artworks in its three main categories: video art, installations and live performances, and in the new ones such as web art, animation and digital image, which were introduced in 2009. It also collaborated with other great festivals, such as Transmediale (DE), Cologne OFF (DE), LPM (IT), videoholica (BG), IN-EDIT (ES), onedotzero (UK), art:screen (SE) and more.

4.10th anniversary

In the years 2012 and 2013 the festival expanded its boundaries, presenting its activities in the historic center of Athens with the purpose to map and shape the cultural potential of the district. Under the titles “Visualize Athens” (2012) and “Living Athens” (2013) the festival contributed to the revitalization of the urban artistic dynamics and the aesthetic reformation of the city. This initiative was supported by a significant number of volunteers, Greek Municipalities and international festivals and artists.

In 2014, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the Festival returned to the cultural space “Technopolis” of Municipality of Athens, as an honor to the venue that had for years hosted the festival’s initiatives. The festival completed ten years of successful organizations, presenting a program that went beyond traditional boundaries between disciplines and media, offering perspectives on creative crossovers between technology and digital arts. Some of the highlights were the live performances “Abandonded cities” by Hauschka and “Late Speculation” by Nonotak as well as the installation “80 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes” by Zimoun.

5.James Bridle_Occupy the Cloud @ Athens Digital Arts Festival 20156.!Mediengruppe Bitnik_Delivery to Mr Assange @ ADAF 2015

In 2015, the festival renew its name to Athens Digital Arts Festival in order to embrace its continuous development. In this framework, it expanded its spectrum in eight official categories, installations, web art, video art, animation, performances, digital image, workshops and music under the theme “Public Space_s”. Always engaged with the goal to revitalize the center of the city and its artistic dynamic, ADAF 2015 took place in the historic center of Athens having as its main venue “Diplarios School” as well as two main squares of Athens for parallel activities. The festival hosted the works of 150 artists from Greece and abroad, who shared their own narratives with the audience, redefining the notion of public space both in the digital environment and urban space. Some of the artists and international festivals participated in this year’s festival were: !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Karl Heinz Heron (DE), Julian Oliver (NZ), Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI), Martin Reiche (DE), MADATAC (ES), IMPAKT (NL), VIDEONALE (DE), Cologne OFF (DE), videoholica (BG), artvideoKOELN (DE) e.t.c.

7.Incredible Bob _ WoO_Peoplemeter_Audiovisual Performance @ ADAF 20158.Nikolaos Chandolias _ Nina Bouchard_Poli[s]ound @ Monastiraki square, ADAF 2015

Up to now

Over the last eleven years, ADAF has been proudly devoted to the support of innovative and artistic expression, establishing strong bonds with local and international artists and audiences, institutions, art foundations, schools, universities, galleries and museums and a number of 46 collaborating international festivals.

1a.adaf_logotype9. Nicolas Bernier_frequencies (synthetic variations)_Performance @ ADAF 2015

With a solid focus on digital arts, Athens Digital Arts Festival heads on its 12th edition, taking place in May 2016, with the aim to raise public awareness regarding contemporary digital culture and familiarize the wider audience with new media and art, through its various exhibitions and workshops. In addition, it introduces a new category under the title “ADAF Award” and expands its activities into an international territory by co-organizing the Dubai Digital Arts Festival.

More info:


Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens 2024

@ ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival // 16-26 May 2024 –
The Surrealist Project – Vacations in the Subconsious –

curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
screenings on 17, 21, 25 May 2024
@ Former Santaroza Courthouse

List of videos:

Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Back drop, 2021, 4:03
Heidi Kumao (USA) – Devoured, 2020, 1:08
Isthmaël Baudry (France) – Morphoex-Bettina, 2019, 4:00
Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katherina Sadovsky (Russia) – A000000000001000AA011, 2021, 09:00
Laura y Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Alterations , 2023. 7:29
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – The Peaceable Kingdom, 2023, 5:28
Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – The Mind’s Egg, 2023, 2:30
Monika K. Adler (UK) – Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023, 3:11
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Paradise Lost, 2022, 6:00
Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay) – The Subway Acupuncturist, 2023, 11:28
Thomas Vallianatos (Greece) – Athens-the present that didn’t exist, 2023, 3:51
Oliver Griem (South Korea) – A Virtual Death, 2021, 2:11


Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Back drop, 2021, 4:03
The video shows that we live in the stage setting of an apparently ideal world. Despite
the current crises and threats, we cling to this illusion of security and idyll, although
we are slowly beginning to sense how fragile this life finally is. The very slow
tracking shot demystifies our way of life.

Heidi Kumao (USA) – Devoured, 2020, 1:08
Absurdist animated quarantine comedy. Isolated at home, facing a barrage of news updates, a character nervously responds.

Isthmaël Baudry (France) – Morphoex-Bettina, 2019, 4:00
By reading the novel “Immortality” by Milan Kundera, the video is trying to create a ghost of Bettina Von Arnim haunting Wolfgang von Goethe as a metaphorical movement, plunging the viewer into another dimension. The masks symbolizing the image of Bettina show – behind the shadow there is window, behind the darkness is light.

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katherina Sadovsky (Russia) – A000000000001000AA011, 2021, 09:00
The artists explore the theme of the possibility of human interaction and connection with other forms of existence. The posthuman possesses not just new systems of defending itself against environmental degradation and destruction, but also new ways of perception and feeling. Still, it appears to have the same concerns: the rights of the posthuman, immortality, love, responsibility, the anachronism of gender and the transcendence of birth and reproduction.

Laura y Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Alterations , 2023. 7:29
The video tries to express how life in the city makes us insensitive, absurd, as
profoundly stupid and mechanical beings, alienated from Nature. We live alterations such
as fires, torrential rains, droughts, unbreathable air… We are hyper-exploiting humans, all
living beings and natural resources, to the point of endangering thousands of living species
and producing a rupture that leads us to our own extinction. The images are tuned to the
music, which gives them the strangeness and emotional tone.

Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – The Peaceable Kingdom, 2023, 5:28
The Peaceable Kingdom” is a dreamscape of various domestic and wild animals inhabiting human architectural spaces. Absent of humans, the video would depict animals interacting naturally within human settings. Convincingly real but at the same time clearly digital, they encompass a type of animal deepfake ontology.

Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – The Mind’s Egg, 2023, 2:30
The mind’s egg is our subconscious: it contains dreams and ideas, intuition and experiences that may give birth to inventions, new insights or new art forms. The drawn figures seem to come out of the egg, but at the same time they nest the egg in a protected environment. When the drawing is completed, the egg and the figures undergo a transformation. The result is a dynamic digital microcosmos.

Monika K. Adler (UK) – Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023, 3:11
Patriarchal Sabbath is a phase-shifted dream, sequenced from revolutionary surrealism’s mitochondrial DNA. Fragments from the psyches of the women surrealists who sought to unleash themselves from the “male-shaped symbolic order,” and through fascism, war, and exile, found their own voices and community. The figure of an anthropomorphic poodle dog, referencing its appearance in the works of Dorothea Tanning and Leonor Fini, acts as both an observer and latent spectre of liberation.

Francesca Fini (Italy) – Paradise Lost, 2022, 6:00
An alien creature wanders in a dreamlike and mysterious landscape that seems on the verge of collapsing at the first breath of wind.
This film was born from the artist’s desire to tell a recurring dream. In this dream, the unpleasant sensation of falling into the void – which we have all experienced at least once – fades into the feeling of precariousness and uncertainty characterizing our times. From the pandemic to the war in Ukraine, current events seem to mark a kind of countdown to nowhere. This alienating and dreamlike scenario is inhabited by strange and fantastic creatures who seem entrusted with the task of preserving the very essence of our animal nature

Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay) – The Subway Acupuncturist, 2023, 11:28
Random potpourri of disobedient events around with the subway acupuncturist.

Thomas Vallianatos (Greece) – Athens, the present that didn’t exist, 2023, 3:51
The project “Athens, the present that did not exist” aims at artistic representation through digital generated imagery via Artificial Intelligence (AI art).

Oliver Griem (South Korea) – A Virtual Death, 2021, 2:11
‘a virtual death’ is a metaphysical journey that explores the duality of self in a technology-driven era. It highlights how our digital lives have become an extension of our physical selves, creating a mirror of identities, reflecting our own anxieties over the implications of living in a world where we can manipulate the truth and escape the consequences of our actions.

2024 20 Years – ADAF Athens

PDF – ADAF festival catalog Athens 2024 – English
PDF – Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens-catalog – English


As a whole, the following streaming videoart programs depict a particular image in terms of videoart, as such, in terms of curating and in terms of the venue.

NewMediaFest 2020 - Reminiscence of Anthropocene @ 16th ADAF

ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival

The NewMediaFest2020 is very happy to continue the collaboration with ADAF – Athens Digital Art Festival also in times of the Corona shut down crisis – ADAF online, that this new context for 2020 – 10 July – 10 September 2020.
Wilfried is very honoured to present as a part of this festival edition online – 3 exiting screening programs he is curating

Reminiscence of Anthropocene
Reminiscence of Anthropocene – 15 July 2020 – 20h

Reminiscence of Anthropocene

curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Sunrise, 2019, 5: 46
Elke H. Markopoulos / Rainer Ludwigs (Germany) – Message of the Animals, 2016, 8:57
Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain) – Indicios / Inkling, 2017, 6’59”
Arie Sigal & Ben-David Sigal (Israel) – Perlite, 2018, 4:17
Gali Blay (Israel) – Panicutopia-the Desertark, 2017, 4:00
Renata Padovan (Brazil) – Aral Mermaid, 2015, 4:12
Coalfather Industries (USA) – User History, 2016, 6:02
Amelie Klitgaard (Denmark) – Captured, 2020, 3:13
Carolin Koss (Finland) – Plastic Child, 2016, 12:11
Marcha Schagen (NL) – Melt Less CO2, 2019, 3:48

About the program
Reminiscence of Anthropocene – is the most recent collaborative project between Agricola de Cologne and ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival, the composition of 10 videos (audio-visual works) forming the basis for a viewer’s reflection, generating a particular image of something many people are identifying themselves with according to individual experiences. These experiences are independent from location or nationality, insofar, as a part of the whole, the artists nationality Germany, Spain, USA, Israel, Brazil Denmark, Finland stand for the diversity of individual experiences leading to the individual artistic expression.
The reminiscence of the Anthropocene is allowing a kind of pessimistic view on the human nature and its influence, domination and manipulation of the natural environment and the social context with other human individuals, wildlife and flora, the social responsibility of the
individual for the individual and the Whole. Often artists do not only describe a kind of status quo, but give even creative perspectives to the post-Anthropocene era, whatever it may be.
Differently than other ideological models, in the given case, the post-Anthropocene is not leading to a fusion of the human and the machine, but is rather recalling “ancient” human values like indigenous people – however, threatened with extinct by human greed – are still practicing them, based on mutual social responsibility and solidarity. That this is not a mere illusion is showing the radically changed people’s behaviour during the Corona crisis, but as soon as they do not feel longer endangered, they immediately forget the values they propagated short time before. So, Corona wasn’t the worst case yet, to make most people really rethink, and the real end of Anthropocene might come sometimes rather sooner than later by a another global disaster.

About Human Nature
About Human Nature – 29 July 2020 – 20h

WOW about human nature
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Stine Gonshold (Norway) – Human Nature, 2008, 1:50
Roland Quelven (France) – Harey Solaris, 2015, 4:51
Gregg Biermann (USA) – Crop Duster Octet, 2013, 5:32
Sándor M. Salas (Spain) – De cara a la muerte, 2013, 03:52
Theresa Khalil (Egypt) – It goes on, 2013, 5.40
Istvan Horkay (Hungary) – The Lords Prayer, 2014, 5:04
Laurent Pernot (France)- Still Alives, 2005, 2.34

Art Is Indivisible

Art is Indivisible – 05 August 2020, 20h

Art Is Indivisible – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Anca Bucur (Romania) – The confession of an aphasic writer, 2014, 3’31”
Gregg Biermann (USA) – Iterations, 2014, 5:37
Machia & Lolina (UK) – Chamelion Seeking Colour, 2015, 7’ 40″
Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus) – Maslenitsa, 2015, 2:28
Valerio DE BONIS (Italy) – “I would claw my eyes out”, 2015, 9:00
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Virus, 2012, 5:00

WOW.2018 - curated by by Eirini Olympiou for ADAF
Transitions from Public to PostFuture

Transitions from Public to PostFuture
Curated by Eirini Olympiou (ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival)

List of videos

Gianluca Abbate (IT) – Panorama, 2015, 07:00
Cerezo Azahara (SP) – Slopes, 2013, 04:37
Panagiotis Tomaras (GR) – 165, 2009, 02:45
Marcantonio Lunardi (IT) – Unusual Journey, 2017, 03:22
Neno Belcev (BU) – Sectral Promenade, 2013, 03:54
Maria Fernanda Bertero (EC) – Technolapse, 2017, 06:21
FIELD (UK) – Hidden Layer, 2017, 02:54
Thomas Valianatos (GR) – Fractus machine_Cosmo, 2017, 03:34
Giada Ghiringhelli (CH/UK) – Rhythm of Bein, 2017, 06:26

WOW.15 - Greece 2.0 - ADAF – Athens Digital Art Festival – 24-27 May 2018
Singuliarity WOW
The W:OW Project
artvideoKOELN & The New Museum of Networked Art
@ ADAF 2018 – Athens Digital Arts Festival – 24-27 May 2018

fearuring the special program – Singuliarity WOW
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

selected videos

Yao Cong (China) – B²EAU²T²Y, 2014, 15’30”
Francesca Leoni (Italy) – Ego- Crazia ( Chapter 1), 2016, 8’20”
Bill Domonkos (USA) – Il Custode/The Custodian, 2013, 03:19
s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts) (USA) – The Fawn, 2017, 8:15
Francesca Lolli (Italy) – The dying Lilium, 2016, 03:27

VIP – VideoChannel Interview
Bill Domonkos –

CologneOFF 2015 Greece - 11th Athens Digital Arts Festival 21-24 May 2015

On Public Space

CologneOFF 2015 Greece
@ Athens Digital Arts Festival – 21-24 May 2015

CologneOFFX CologneOFF 2015 Greece – catalogue

adaf_logotype On Public Space curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

List of videos

Gabriel Hosovsky (Slovakia) – Miscellany VIII, 2013, 5:14´´
Kaiser Nahhas (Syria) – Anti Censorship Protest at Taksim, 2014, 4:27
Dustin Morrow (UK) – Ground London, 2013, 7:41
Alexander Callsen (Germany) – Gap Camp, 2013, 6:04
Victor Ripoll (Spain) – Don’t Move, 2013,
Felice Hapetzeder (Sweden) – 366, 2014, 1:00
Manuel Saiz (Spain) – Sic Transit, 2009, 5:00
Giulia Giannola (Italy) – The Lap, 2013, 3:55
Magnus Irvin (UK) – The Flasher, 2014, 2:48
Mari Keski-Korsu (Finland) – Albedo Logger, 2013, 06:08
Bankleer (Germany) – Minority in Majority , 2011, 4.30
Beate Hecher/Markus Keim (Austria) – ln Absentia, 2012, 10:00
Ana Brotas (Portugal) – Okupa, 2009, 2:19
Yuriy Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva (UKraine) – The 7th of November, 2009, 3:36
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Oasis in the desert, 2009,
Daniel Lo Iacono (Germany) – Digital Snapshots, 2003, 2:30
Albert Merino (Spain) – Les Bagneurs, 2010, 3:30
Les Riches Douaniers (France) – Motorized Ordeal, 2009, 8:46

VideoChannel Interviews
Felice Hapetzeder –
Le Riches Douaniers –
Albert Merino –
Francesca Fini –
Ana Brotas –

CologneOFF 2014 Greece - 10th Athens International Videoart Festival 3-5 October 2014

The Razor’s Edge

2014 – 10 Years Cologne International Videoart Festival
artvideoKOELN is happy to celebrate the 10 anniversary of CologneOFF
Cologne X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
together with AVAF – Athens International Videoart Festival , which is celebrating in 2014 its 10th anniversary, as well.

CologneOFF X
Total Art – @ The Razor’s Edge – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

List of films

D-Fuse (Michael Faulkner + Matthias Kispert)(Germany) – Secured by Design,2012, 00’34″
William Pena (Colombia) – Control, 2013, 3:45
Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan) – Still Here, 2010, 4:50
Everett Beidler (USA) – Moves Manager, 2011, 4:09
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – 370 New World, 2014, 5:08
Michael Gaddini (Italy) – “My TV Heart”, 2013, 7:40
Francesca Fini Italy) – Touchless, 2014, 4:46
Javier Velázquez Cabrero (Spain) – My city a bit cleaner of advertising every day, 2012, 6:00
Gavin Hoffman (Ireland) – Complicit, 2013, 4:08
Gabriele Tosi (Italy) – The Extreme Challenge, 2014, 4:56
Po-Wei Su (Taiwan)- Plastic Flowers, 2014, 2:56

VIP – VideoChannel Interviews
Marcantonio Lunardi –
Gabriele Tosi –
William Pena –
Michael Gaddini –
Francesca Fini –

Curatorial statement
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

CologneOFF 2013 Greece - Athens International Videoart Festival – 7-9 June 2013


CologneOFF 2013 Greece
@ Athens International Video Art Festival – 7-9 June 2013

CologneOFF VIII – 8th Cologne International Videoart Festival

List of videos

Nicola Bergström Hansen (Sweden) -Over the Rainbow, 2012, 6:57
Giovanni Bucci (Italy) – Addictions, 2011, 2:00
Alexander Isaenko (Ukraine)- The negative selection, 2012, 3:30
Tagit Klimor (Israel)- Fcity, 2011, 4:50
Jonathan Minard and James George (USA) – Clouds, 2012, 19:00
Michael Murnau (UK) – Hanging On Me, 2012, 7:26
Noriyuki Suzuki (Japan) – fragment, 2012, 5:20
Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan) – Ferry Paradise, 2012, 3:48
QNQ/AUJIK (Sweden/Japan) – Cathexis, 2012, 20:00

Alexander Isaenko –

Short note
By Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
The video works selected for this retrospective compilation focus on some very relevant aspects of “art & moving images”, the experimenting with technology, forms, formats and contents, which is manifesting itself in a kind of hybrid category format, one might call “experimental documentary”. The compilation would like to present some exemplary works by artists from different countries and cultures, who make their personal perceptions, philosophical and artistic points of views the basis for a discussion with the viewer. Although as videos from their character linear, all of them include a strong interactive component by provoking the attention, concentration and activation of the viewer.

CologneOFF 2012 Greece - Athens International Video Art Festival – 5-8 May 2012

Art & the City

CologneOFF 2012 Greece
@ Athens International Video Art Festival – 5-8 Mai 2012

presenting – CologneOFF VII – Art & the City
special selection curated by Agricola de Cologne


Mattias Härenstam (Sweden) – Closed Circuit, 2011, 3:01
Albert Merino (Spain) – The City and The Other, 2010, 3:09
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Oasis in the Desert, 2010, 5:00
Nick Fox-Gieg (USA) – Disarmed , 2002, 2:42
Ellen Lake (USA) – Call + Response, 2009, 3:00
Theme Bannenberg & NOK Snel (Netherlands) – Behind Closed Doors, 2010, 7:38
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Leap of Faith, 2010, 3:02
Yuriy Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva (UKraine) – The 7th of November, 2009, 3:36
Ana Brotas (Portugal) – Okupa, 2009, 2:19
My Name is Scot (Canada) – Independance, 2011, 7:56
Liu Wei (China) – Hopeless Land, 2009, 7:28
Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria) – [dis]connect III, 2011, 3:36
Ramon Suau Lleal (Spain) – Hoax, 2010, 4:23

VideoChannel Interviews
Albert Merino –
Francesca Fini –
NOK /Bannenberg –
Ellen Lake –

CologneOFF 2011 Greece - Athens Video Art Festival – 20-22 May 2011

Tensions in time and space II

CologneOFF 2011 Athens
Athens Video Art Festival – 20-22 May 2011

Tensions in time and space II
Curated by Agricola de Cologne (director of CologneOFF)

Mohammed Harb (Palestine) – Without Windows, 2009, 5:00
Confusion Group (Spain) – Sorry to bother you, 2008, 6´06″
Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) – Space Drawing No. 5 – , 2009, 1:02
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Homecoming Artist, 2008, 4:37
Angela Washko (USA) – Washko’s PR, 2010, 2:00
Jorge Garcia Velayos (Spain) – THE BEAST / LA BESTIA, 2009, 05’ 20’’
Irina Gabiani (Georgia) – Diachronicon – 2010, 1:00
Pablo Fernandez-Pujol (Spain) – 142-143 – 2010, 2:10
Neringa Naujokaite (Lithuania) – “Horizont”, 2010, 8:53 min
Barry Morse (USA) – Mouse’s Birthday, 2010, 3:35
Lemeh 42 (Italy) – Inner sound, 2010, 10′
Kira Zhigalina (Russia) -Blank or Attempts to Draw at Nothingness, 2008, 6:00
Doug Garth Williams (USA) – Back & Forth, 2009, 2:42

Barry Morse –
Angela Washko –
Irina Gabiani –

CologneOFF 2011 /2016 curated by Sotiris Iliadis & Timothy Laskaratos for ADAF

Tensions in time and space II

CologneOFF 2011 / 2015 curated by Sotiris Iliadis & Timothy Laskaratos
including the videos

1.Achilleas Gatsopoulos (Greece) Seal of Lilith/2010/5′01”
2. Dagly Zeynep (Turkey) – Disaster /2006 /2′23” /
3.Jazbec Masa (Slovenia) – First blood /2010 /1′20”/
4.Thessia Machado (Brazil) – Longday/2010 /0′25” /
5.Vincent Gisbert (Spain) – Contra /2009 /3′43”
6.Dimitris Papoutsakis (Greece) – Athenian Summer /2009/2′53” /
7.Guido Salvini (Italy) – Strength test /2009 /2′00”
8. Rogelio Sastre (Spain) – The Perfect Immigrant /2010 /11′30”
9.Giorgio Constantine (Greece) – Wait for me /2010 /3:00
10.Vasilis Tzikas(Greece)-ToKalesma/2009/3′10

CologneOFF 2010 Greece - Athens Video Art Festival – 7-9 May 2010

<br /> The Best of CologneOFF V

The Best of CologneOFF V
Athens Video Art Festival – 7-9 May 2010

Corporate Warfare, 2005, 3:32 by Casey McKee (USA)
Noli Me Tangere, 2008, 6:20 by Masha Yozefpolsky (Israel)
The Kurukshetra-Report, 2009, 8:00 by Ascan Breuer (Germany)
Roghieh, 2009, 5:30 by Alysse Stepanian (Iran)
Who lives in My Head, 2009, 4:30 by Margarida Paiva (Portugal)
Berenice, 2008, 4:31 by Bill Domonkos (USA)
Electric Icon, 2009, 13:00 by Aryn Zev (USA)
Bodies and Metals, 2009, 3:00 by Rafael (Belgium)
Cruentation, 2008, 3:48 by Iona Pelovska (Canada)
Elena in the Prison of Herself, 2006, 6:58 by Julio Orta Villarreal (MX)
Silent, 2007, 1:16 by Silvana Dunat (Croatia)
The Magnitude of the Continental Divide, 2009, 6:00 by Chis Coleman (USA)
Anomia, 2008, 4:50 by Nuria Frogoso (Mexico)

Silvan Dunat –
Bill Domonkos –
Margarida Paiva –
Julio Orta –

CologneOFF 2008 - the Best of CologneOFF - Athens Video Art Festival 2008 – 11-13 April 2008

The Best of CologneOFF III

The Best of Cologne OFF – Toon ! Toon!
art cartoons and animated narratives
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

CologneOFF – 3rd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival

Their Circumstances by Ji Hyung Ahn (South Korea)
Prostituto, ta. by Silvia Cacciatori Filloy (Uruguay)
Brand New Morning by Konstantin Dimitriev (Russia)
The Changing Man by Rami Fischler (Australia)
Nick Fox-Gieg (USA) – Disarmed , 2002, 2:42
Controlled Dream Machine by Anaisa Franco (Brazil)
Tomorrow by Kaspars Groshevs (Latvia)
A Dollhouse is… by Henry Gwiazda (USA)
Pilot/Gamer by Gerald Habarth (USA)
Where Stories Come From by Lycette Bros. (Australia)
Radiocar by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)
Scratch by Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)
Particula by topo – Leonardo R. Beltrán Navarro (Chile)

VIP – VideoChannel Interviews
Henry Gwiazda –
Jihyun Ahn –
Hermes Mangaliardo –

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne - Athens International Video Art Festival 2008 - 2007 - 2006

Athens International Video Art Festival 2008 (Greece) 11-12-13 April 2008

Bareback – serial DIScharge
Wilfried Agriciola de Cologne – Bareback – serial DIScharge, 2007, 6:00
The experimental film tells the story of a homeless person, who lost its identity in all the traumatic experiences it was undergoing. Again, Agricola de Cologne uses the form of the allegorical representation for pointing to essential questions of human existence. All people are homeless in on or the other way, most however, suffer from it without being aware of it. The film is a mirror of our time which has lost its roots.

Athens Videoartfestival 2007 – Athens Greece 27, 28, 29 April 2007

Rivals & Friends
Wilfried Agriciola de Cologne – Rivals & Friends, 2005, 2:20
Experimental film about the conflict of being friends and rivals.

Athens Videoart Festival 07/04-09/04 2006

Truth- Paradise Found
Wilfried Agriciola de Cologne – Truth- Paradise Found, 2004: 3:00
The video tells the story of the human desire to be as close to truth as possible. But who ever will succeed while living a life dominated by the fast running time and endless searching?
If there is any paradise, then monks or people really resting within themselves find a paradise close to truth close to GOD. But it is only truth people are believing in. Is there absolute truth?
The video consists of three sections, a spiritual and a physical section and the acting level, the artist who is filming the scene, an intruder who become witness of a ritual of truth.
This basic video was filmed in 2003 at the Rila Monastery, the spiritual centre of Bulgaria.