Peace Letters from Veliko Tarnovo DC to Ukraine

Peace Letters to Ukraine 9

The 1!th part – sending the message of the positive creativity – via the specific solidarity screening program ” Dark Summer” to be shown in physical space for the 1st time in Washington (DC) – documenting the globally networked collaboration between artists, curators and institutions – a composition of Peace Letters 1 and a selection from Peace Letters 2 and 6.

Cultural and artistic networking is representing one way how art can serve as a tool to show and confirm solidarity with the Ukrainian people – for Peace and Freedom – not just on times of war, the Russian-Ukraine War. But it’s freedom, of course, as it is understood in a liberal democracy, as it is possible only through the diversity as a result of networking.

VisArts Center Rockville (MD/USA) – 07-08 May 2022
Thessaloniki Municipal Art Gallery (Greece) 18-20 May 2022
Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles (CA/USA) – 04-25 June 2022
Rhizome DC Washington DC (USA) – 07 July 2022

Solidarity screening program –
Dark Summer of 2022

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