CologneOFF 2016 USA
In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity
@ Torrance Art Museum LA
2 April – 28 May 2016

01. Temporary-Contemporary
02. The Speed of Time
03. Times Collapsed
04. The End of Time
05. Humanity – Perspectives of Time

In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity

CologneOFF 2016 USA
In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity
2 April – 28 May 2016

Curatorial statement
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

In the Name of Truth: Time, Peace & Humanity

The screening project encompasses five programs of audio-visual art prepared by artvideoKOELN, curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne under an explosive topic endangering the human species.
If art isn’t reduced to mere esthetics for its own sake, the artist is looking for truth through his work. Although it’s mainly his subjective point of view, this view, however is going deep to the essence of life. Art and the perception on art are ongoing processes changing continuously.
The present five programs of time based art are speaking in the name of truth, the artist becomes the lawyer of truth focusing on the relation between time, peace and humanity.
But this is not only a question of art, rather of transforming the perceptions of the human survival into concepts and the language of art. By doing so, the participating artists show face, take position and responsibility not only in an artistic, but much more in a social and political concern due to the local and global relevance.
The artistic message is – not to remain passively consuming, but instead of this getting personally involved. In this way, the screening program is including an interactive component. We are one world, we all are sitting in the same boat. The basis of perception and decisions has to be humanity.
There are good reasons, why some wise politicians in the Western societies involve artists in developing concepts for the sustainability of the future of the living species on the globe.
Each of the five video programs is following another approach, including different artistic concepts – showing this way a diversity of audio-visual art creation.
The curatorial concept, however, is not only including the works selected for the screening programs, but also the complete original sources as they are released online, so that visitors of the museum website have the chance to review the entire artistic contexts, as well.

About the curator
As a cultural activist, new media artist und curator, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Is also the director and founder of The New Museum of Networked Art and its associated platforms of static, interactive and moving images, including as huge collection of art videos created by international artists between 2000 and 2020. Since 2000, his artistic and curatorial works have been presented on a wide range of festivals and media art exhibitions all over the world including, Venice Biennale, Biennale de MONTREAL, Biennale of NEW MEDIA and VIDEO Santiago de CHILE, Biennale of Electronic Media PERTH (Australia), FILE Electronic Language FESTIVAL Sao Paulo. There have been successful collaborations with TAM – Torrance Art Museum in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 und now recently in 2022.

CologneOFF 2016 - Perspectives of Time

Humanity – Perspectives of Time

Diego de los Campos Orefice (Uruguay) – Meatman, 2011, 5:12
Javier José Plano (Argentina) – “5 actions (on the collective memory)”, 2010, 9:00
Osvaldo Raúl Ponce (Argentina) – “… Once upon now”, 2012, 09:20
Diego Pazó (Spain) – Mapas (Maps), 2015, 5:30
Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) – Land, 2013, 4:36
Christian Tapies (Argentina) – Three Modern Haiku, 2010, 12:00
Masha Yosefpolsky (Israel) – Noli Me Tangere, 2008, 6:20
Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus) – Maslenitsa, 2015, 2:28
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Public Space, 2014 d) 03:45
Bruno Pavic (Croatia) – 35 faces of homeless, 2012, 3’42”
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Soapopera, 2015, 10:47
Marita Contreras (Peru) – Maria, 2010, 5:37
Baptist Coelho (India) – Beneath It all I Am Human, 2009, 9:41
Manuela Barile (Portugal) – Morolojam 2008, 8:05

Marcantonio Lunardi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=907
Francesca Fini – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=656
Marita Contreras – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=392