Peace Letters to Ukraine Zero

The 0-zero basics part, released on 12 July 2022 – is the most political part – but nevertheless closely related to art due the complete miscalculation of some German intellectuals forming one reason (among others) to initiate the Peace Letters to Ukraine Project.

This Open Letters declarations by some German intellectuals are standing against the aims of the Peace Letters to Ukraine Project. They do not represent just one among many others options, but due to their political claims they are an illegal attempt to take influence on political decisions of the Berlin administration in favour of the Russian aggressor and war criminal against the sovereign state of Ukraine. They are standing against international law!

As initiators, the senile Mr. Peter Weibel and Ms. Alice Schwarzer, and as co-initiators the undersigning intellectuals act as if they were the moral conscience of the German nation, they behave as if they have a mandate to dictate decisions to the sovereign state of Ukraine. They are even worse that Putin!

Open Letter to the German Chancellor by German intellectuals to break the German constitution.

Due to two circumstances I was writing the statement below – the recent invitation of Ukrainian intellectuals – to the authors of the open letter to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for a discussion within the framework of the Documenta in Kassel, I wrote a few days ago my critical view about the Documenta as the venue, (by the way, as a German intellectual, I was following the Ukrainians’ invitation to German intellectuals to join their discussion, but I obviously don’t fit into their attitudes towards the kind of stereotype German intellectuals,) and – after the appearance of today’s invitation – to sign the petition to this open letter on
Actually, this open letter is yesterday’s snow, because the German Chancellor has since some time made his decision to supply arms to the Ukraine in accordance with national and international agreements, and by doing so the German Chancellor did not (!!) follow the incitement to break the German constitution, nor he is planning to do so ever. Both – the petition & the open letter are exactly the opposite of what they claim to be – it’s the most insidious level of the immoral!

On, I was undersigning in the Past many justified petitions, but the recent petition – see below – in shape of an open letter to the German Chancellor Scholz undersigned by so-called German intellectuals is an insane, illegal attempt to deny Ukraine its right to self-defence just to make a few Germans feel better in the hands of Vladimir Putin.
Of course, everyone is free to voice their opinions, but here some die-hards are attempting to end the Russian war of aggression in favour of the Russian aggressor and war criminal, and to impose Putin’s “peace” on the sovereign state of Ukraine and legitimize his crimes.
It was a fundamental failure of the West that after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 there were no sanctions against Russia, and only a formal diplomatic condemnation of Putin’s criminal act remained. The same intellectuals who supported these fundamentally wrong political decisions at the time have learned nothing in the meantime. They still represent the completely failed policy of Angela Merkel. In the first place, it was she who bet that not only Germany, but all of Europe, would become completely dependent on the Russians for energy and the economy. This open letter and petition demonstrate the failure of the 20-year Merkel era. The world would be different today – better – if that person hadn’t made terrible alliances with Russia and China. The world now has to pay the price for these mistakes, because Putin – now finally promoted to God – can freely decide about the life and death of the world population – see the latest example “Syria”, just some hours ago!. The open letter and petition cannot be surpassed in terms of cynicism, arrogance and inhumanity.
I’m ashamed to be a German when these abnormally stupid “intellectuals” pose as representatives of Germany!

These failed opinions are based on the miscalculation Putin/Russia would desperately long for talks and diplomatic negotiations. That there was never such a longing, and that this is a pure invention and misjudgement of incorrigible idealists, these German intellectuals, is shown by Putin unequivocally through his behaviour, because then the annexation of Crimea 2014 and the surprise attack of the annihilation war on February 24th, 2022 would never have come, but also not the diverse refugee crises since 2015 and the economical blackmailing.

Putin has publicly stated dozens of times that he is only interested in talks after successfully completing the process of purging Ukraine of fascists, however, trying to make forget that Putin himself is the biggest of all living Fascists, at all.

These would-be-intellectuals glorify the Fascist – Putin!

Open Letter (English translation)

Dear Chancellor,

we appreciate that until now you have considered the risks so carefully: the risk of the war spreading within Ukraine; the risk of expansion across Europe; yes, the risk of a 3rd world war. We therefore hope that you will remember your original position and will not supply any more heavy weapons to Ukraine, either directly or indirectly. On the contrary, we urge you to do everything you can to ensure that a ceasefire can be reached as soon as possible; a compromise that both sides can accept.

We share the verdict on Russian aggression as a breach of the basic norm of international law. We also share the conviction that there is a fundamental political and moral duty not to back down from aggressive violence without resistance. But everything that can be derived from this has its limits in other imperatives of political ethics.

We are convinced that two such dividing lines have now been reached: firstly, the categorical ban on accepting a manifest risk of this war escalating into a nuclear conflict. The delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons, however, could make Germany itself a party to the war. And a Russian counter-attack could then trigger the case for assistance under the NATO treaty and with it the immediate danger of a world war. The second line of demarcation is the level of destruction and human suffering among Ukrainian civilians. Even legitimate resistance to an aggressor is at some point in an intolerable disproportion.

We warn against a double error: Firstly, that the responsibility for the risk of an escalation to a nuclear conflict lies solely with the original aggressor and not also with those who openly provide him with a motive for possibly criminal action. And on the other hand, that the decision on the moral responsibility of the further “costs” in human lives among the Ukrainian civilian population falls exclusively within the competence of their government. Morally binding norms are universal in nature.

The escalating armament taking place under pressure could be the beginning of a global arms race with catastrophic consequences, not least for global health and climate change. Despite all the differences, it is important to strive for worldwide peace. The European approach of shared diversity is a model for this.

Dear Chancellor, we are convinced that you in the function of the Chancellor can make a decisive contribution to a solution that will stand up to the judgment of history. Not only in view of our current (economic) power, but also in view of our historical responsibility – and in the hope of a peaceful future together.

We hope and count on you!


Andreas Dresen, filmmaker
Lars Eidinger, actor
dr Svenja Flaßpöhler, philosopher
Prof. Dr. Elisa Hoven, criminal lawyer
Alexander Kluge, intellectual
Heinz Mack, sculptor
Gisela Marx, film producer
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Merkel, criminal lawyer and legal philosopher
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkel, political scientist
Reinhard Mey, musician
Dieter Nuhr, cabaret artist
Gerhard Polt, cabaret artist
Helke Sander, filmmaker
HA Schult, artist
Alice Schwarzer, journalist
Robert Seethaler, writer
Edgar Selge, actor
Antje Vollmer, theologian and green politician
Franziska Walser, actress
Martin Walser, writer
Prof. Dr. Peter Weibel, art and media theorist
Christoph, Karl and Michael Well, musicians
Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer, social psychologist
Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist
Juli Zeh, writer
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski, media theorist